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Olga Dobryakova's Aesthetic Surgery Clinic
Siberian Institute of Beauty

It is astonishing but modern people could be getting younger and more beautiful with years. Satisfaction of their appearance is incomparable joy which you can feel owing to creating work of high level professional aesthetic surgeons.

Many operations aimed at changing the shape and dimension of different parts of body are carried out in Siberian Institute of Beauty (SIB).

Our 18-years of experience in the field of aesthetic surgery were quite fruitful. At the end of the 80th and the beginning the 90th we were the first in Novosibirsk, who introduced such kind of operations as augmentative mammaplastic, reduction mammaplastic and mastopecsy. Many face rejuvenation operations as well as surgery of nose and ear correction, implantations of falloprosthesis in case of impotence, abdominoplasty and liposuction have been assimilated.


In the middle of the 90th the contacts with foreign specialists were extended, the products of foreign firms (implants, sutures, drugs, bandages, instruments and other equipment) appeared in Russia. The change of experience resulted in qualitative leap in the field of aesthetic surgery. Namely, the new methods of operations, such as lipofilling, peeling and hair transplantation have been developed. The quality of augmentative mammaplastic became better with new implants usage. All these facts allowed bringing the results of our aesthetic operations to the world level.


Presently, the surgeons of SIB are world famed. Close contact with the societies of plastic surgeons from France, USA, Brasilia, Italia and Russia made it possible to constantly keep an eye on the state of world aesthetic surgery level.

Olga B. Dobryakova - is an inconsistent participant of many International Congresses where she presented the surgery achievements of her Institute.

The specialists of SIB created a number of operations having international recognition and used them in practice of world aesthetic surgery:

  • Upper lip lifting;
  • Face-lifting with suspensorium plicated sutures;
  • Mastopecsy in double skin scaffold;
  • Neofallos forming from the anterior abdominal wool with rectus abdominis muscle for transsexual;
  • High effective method of capsular contracture prevention and treatment after augmentative mammaplastic;
  • A number of laser procedures in aesthetic surgery;
  • In collaboration with the surgeons of Moscow Institute of Beauty the new operations have been developed (An antitragus formed in face-lifting) and special instrument - the universal retractor.

Scientific research is an important aspect of SIB business. This direction also permitted us to increase sufficiently the quality of our operations.

More than 150 research works have been published, 8 patents have been received, and 6 MD dissertations have been defended.

Last investigations of autological stem cells have been used for rejuvenation of some patients. Specialists of the Institute of Clinical Immunology SB RAMS have successfully separated stem cells from autofat which have been harvested during lypoaspiration. This technology has been used improvement for the patient's appearance. It is an important achievement of modern biotechnologies which could become revolution in human rejuvenation.

Address: 6, Zalesskogo st., Immunopathology Clinic of Institute Clinical Immunology Siberian Branch of Russian Academy Medical Science (Situated on Gor. Bolnitsa N1 territory), 7th floor.
Primary hours of professor Dobryakova. Monday and Friday - 15-17, Wednesday - 11-15.

Tel. 7-383-236-00-02, 7-383-2-910-946, 7-383-220-24-89

Fax 7-383-236-00-02


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